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Happy Birthday, Ukraine

I miss my country. It has tons of problems. People are poor. I wish everyone could live an honest and wealthy life. I wish every Ukrainian person would be valued and dignified. I really hope I will see it in my lifetime. My country has lots of great advantages, and most importantly — I know it’s where home is.

Happy birthday, Ukraine.

I was talking to some friends the other day. They were saying that rich people in the US should pay more taxes so that poor people can have a better life. “It wasn’t the case in my country,” I said. If you’re unaware, taxes were simply landing in a small circle of officials. “Ok, we’re talking about functional societies,” my friend replied. Well, that’s true, but something screamed inside me. I let it go. And so they continued talking about the well known set of societal problems in the US, and I kept wondering why these problems exist in a functional society. What does being “functional” even mean?

I really wish that at some point in Ukraine, the only problems left to solve will be problems of personal identity, gender and racial equality, human labor and automation, climate change, ethics in big corporations, and something else I forgot to mention.

Last edited on Aug 26, 2019