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Guided by Apple

I think what Apple has done with SwiftUI is great. I can see how it improves how iOS engineers work on a daily basis. It would be better if Apple released it much earlier though.

I just love that we have hot code reloading now. If you haven’t used it yet, just wait and see how it will simplify your codebase. The cost of change just became insignificant.

I haven’t been doing any work for Apple platforms since one and half years by now. It helped me to observe the community from a distance. I now can see even more how heavily guided the Apple community is. Before this year’s WWDC, only enthusiasts would consider using libraries such as RxSwift. And now Combine is on the learning list of pretty much everyone.

Imagine how cool it is to be working at Apple, knowing the secrets in advance, and seeing how everyone is excited about your work!

It’s a good reminder to be on a lookup of great ideas, not guidance. It’s also a good reminder that marketing is as important as the product itself.

Last edited on Jun 15, 2019