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Grocery stores and Walden

Several years ago I caught the zero waste bug. Since then I’m making small steps in eliminating all of the everyday waste I produce. Last week I found a grocery store where they sell everything unpackaged. I must say it’s a bit of a hassle to plan what I’d like to buy, to weigh and marker the jars (did I mention I’m collecing too many of them already?), to bring all of this stuff to a store and then to fill it. I also noticed that the store itself quickly becomes quite messy, because pretty much everyone is sloppy when filling up their containers, so it makes sense to have a person who cleans up the space all the time. If I would open such a store myself, without having prior experience, I wouldn’t even think that such a person is needed.

I like to joke that the moment I noticed I become older is when for the first time I used words “groceries” and “exciting” in the same sentence. But well, even as a child I loved going to markets and stores. It calms me down when I go through a market and I see mountains of produce.

I’m slowly going through “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. A couple of things caught my attention already. It’s interesting that back then people paid attention to the thickness of fabric for their clothes. I like the idea that the more advanced we become in our technological development, the more clinged we become to the objects (the notion of men becoming tools of their tools). So I enjoyed a portion of my shameful exposure, because I tend to care about things, and that consumes lots of time. Perhaps I’d better spend it on art, music or spiritual stuff? And finally, the notion of adopting christianity as a form of agriculture. I can’t really explain this idea, but I somehow feel it.

Fitness diary is up-to-date, as usual.

Last edited on Feb 10, 2019