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Great but dismissed

I sometimes show to my friends how hot code reloading works when using ClojureScript and Figwheel. Those people who have experienced pains of complex UI development, are all blown away. Being able to apply changes in a fraction of a second, with unlimited access to app’s runtime, gives you superpowers. But none of these people have played with ClojureScript afterwards, as far as I know. Which probably means it’s either not interesting or not practical for them.

And there you go, another reminder that it’s not necessary for something to be the best to win the market.

I’m also thinking it’s a big advantage if you can practically apply a revelation while everyone else ignores it — you have a great tool that everybody have dismissed as useless. Yes, I’m calming down my doubting self.

Everything has its time and place. I’ve dismissed many other great ideas as useless too.

Last edited on Jul 5, 2019