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Good music is great ideas

I was talking to a friend the other day about music and bands and all of this. When they asked what genre is my favorite, I told him my previously coined answer that I follow artists and bands rather than genres. And then I finally could answer why. You know these moments when something smart flies out of your mouth accidentally? Right, so that was one of these moments. I said that not all of the musicians within a genre have original ideas.

It was all about ideas all of these years! How couldn’t I see it before? Good composition, lyrics, arrangements — everything are just ideas that are well executed.

Now I have a bit more of a story to tell. I’m happy that I finally understood it. I wanted to write a story about someone I know doing a funny thing all the time, but I won’t. Man, it’s so liberating to not let yourself say stupid things.

Last edited on Apr 10, 2019