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Future teachers

Everyone is in a business of personal development these days. We read “insights” for what we should eat, how we should sleep and how much we should excercise even in tabloids. It was always like that, even more in USSR, except now I’m the one who the marketing machine is targeted at. Before I was just a kid and would only pay attention to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Imagine you’re in your school years, still two semesters until you graduate, and you come to the sports class. I don’t know how it was in your country — in my school we had general athletic classes. Usually the sports teacher would be looked down upon because their class was the least important one. Certainly it’s math and physics why you go to school for, right?

Nah, not this time. This teacher is a practitioner and a scientist of the fitness field. They are always sober (sorry, that’s my pet peeve), exceptionally fit, well educated about human anatomy. They will tell you all about your muscles and joints. They will push every student to their best. And what’s most important, such teacher will teach their students why and how they should exercise on their own.

You graduate, and you’re motivated and well equipped to live a healthy life full of movement, sports, without a need to hire an utterly expensive fitness teacher or to go to a gym full of useless smart machines. You get a barbell off craigslist, a pair of runners and develop a personal training plan, just for you. You’re all set for the rest of your life.

I would love to have a teacher like that if I was still in school.

And oh, welcome to the world of YouTube for Education, kids!

Last edited on Dec 1, 2019