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From traffic to efficiency

Today we had great weather in Berlin. Sunny, a bit of wind and around 24 degrees Celsius. And that means there were a lot of cyclists on the road.

I was taking my usual way to work, and started to notice that I was getting annoyed at the amount of bicycles on the street. Everyone’s racing each other, riding in lines of two or three, not paying attention to the rules… What a mess! Until I remembered what a huge blessing it is, because there are still places where cycling enthusiasts fight for anything like this to happen in their cities.

I remembered that I haven’t spent even an hour of my time in a traffic jam during the last five years I’ve been cycling. Before that, traffic was usual and accepted part of my life every day. I’m immensely grateful that I don’t have to experience it anymore.

Whenever I see a line of cars waiting for the traffic light to go green, my mind cringes of the inefficiency of this situation. Multiple chunks of expensive metal that are powerful enough to uproot a tree, pointlessly standing there, usually with just a single person inside, costing their drivers’ time and heating up the space around them. And then look at the cyclists: lightly sweating and melting excessive belly fat, these smart women and men are flowing in herds on amazingly elegant, thin and light diamond-like vehicles, taking up almost no space, and bringing smiles to their riders and everyone around them.

Last edited on Jun 21, 2019