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Foundations — check!

In the last few years I was very interested in everything related to personal finance, zero waste, diets, sleep and exercise. I think these are the foundations of human existence. I thought these topics might be worth teaching at schools, but unfortunately opinions on them change too often, so I don’t think formal education system can keep up with the fads.

These topics are magnets for polarizing opinions, neverending heated discussions (aka holy wars), herds of social media influencers and centuries worth of YouTube videos. Same as with productivity hacks and equipment, code editors, raising a child etc. It just doesn’t feel like we’re going anywhere.

I’m getting tired of thinking and talking about these topics. I’d like to stop pretending I’m rational and would like to admit I know little to nothing. I’d like to wrap this chapter in my life with a set of rules of thumb that I’ll dumbly use to guide myself in the future. I’ll start to assemble a list.

I wish I would be finished with these years ago.

Last edited on Apr 8, 2019