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Follow-up on the temporal Reagent component state

Yesterday I’ve written about my dilemma regarding whether to put a very temporary state of a Reagent component into a local atom or into re-frame’s db. While I thought that I will go with the local atom solution, I’ve decided against it. The reason was that I talked with several of mine team members, and they gave me valid reasons for going the full-on re-frame route:

I’ve noticed that I often value opinions and attitudes of my colleagues more than I care about the technical aspect of work.

I wonder if I’m missing a good balanced solution that is not that polarizing. I hope I’ll have a few hours of solitude over the weekend and something pops into my mind.

In other news, I’ve skipped a training session this week because we had a dinner with friends. My kettlebell is here so I’m looking forward to a workout. The dinner was awesome. I got to know a bunch of very cool music from a friend. I’m listening to hip-hop much more these days. Also a friend of mine was very surprised that I don’t have a Spotify account. I couldn’t really answer why it is so. I kind of just don’t see why I need it.

Last edited on Feb 15, 2019