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First impressions of iOS 13

I’m using it on iPhone Se.

Gosh everything became so much faster. Especially the camera app — the image in the viewfinder is already moving during the opening animation.

Great battery life. No worse than previously.

I like that I can manipulate the cursor by holding the spacebar.

I love the new swiping keyboard. The gray trail that follows your finger is one of the most Apple-iest things they’ve done recently.

I don’t know exactly how and where but I get a feeling that the phone predicts my intentions better with every release.

I love the new font in the status bar. I love the new thicker icons in Mail.

They removed the loupe, and now it selects the text after a long tap. Here you go: a great habit that formed over what’s close to a decade is now ruined.

Sometimes I swipe the text editor to scroll a page and accidentally select some text which causes the editor to jump to a random location.

Text editing feels fragile now. In 1Writer I have to rely on cursor navigation buttons like < and > much more now. I also feel like I have to use two hands all the time. It’s especially weird on an iPhone Se.

I like how seamless the light vs dark mode transition is.

The biggest pain point: they’ve removed “Move to another mailbox” button from single email screen in Mail. Zero Inbox requires much more effort now. I usually would open one email, glance over it, tap “Move” and Mail app would suggest where to move it. I could reach Invox Zero with a single finger and a dozen of taps. Now I have to navigate back to the list view, swipe each email and tap move. I estimate it as five times more difficult: more actions are required, swipes take longer and I have to remember content of every email.

Last edited on Sep 22, 2019