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First bicycle trip

I wanted to try bicycle touring for some time now. Somehow I got a wave of inspiration, so I booked a place in another city and one day after it we went. I took my kid with me.

First, it was a bit more than 65km to the place we were staying at. I’ve ridden up to 40km in one day, but no more than that. Germany is famous for its good roads, and it didn’t disappoint. But the route I took went through the woods, so we enjoyed 15km of hilly muddy gravel tracks. That was by far the most difficult part of the trip.

And second, my bicycle setup weighted around 65kg. That’s a lot: my steel Hanko (probably around 17kg with all of the accessories), water and panniers (8kg), my kid (26kg), and his bycicle attached with FollowMe (10+4kg).

The best takeaway: the heavy, stiff, robust Marathon Tour Plus were a great investment. I was surprised I didn’t slip on that mud even once.

Last edited on Jun 14, 2019