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Feb 12th 2019

Today was a very nice day. One of these days where I feel I made some good impact on our product and team.

I haven’t been eating breakfast regularly for a few years. Partially because of laziness, and partially because I have spikes of inspiration for intermittent fasting. But lately I got on a hook of having a coffee with 85% chocolate and nuts every morning, and every evening I’m already excited for the next day’s breakfast.

:clojureD 2019 is coming up next week. I’m very proud that our entire engineering team will be there. I can’t imagine that any other of my previous teams would like to attend a conference altogether. This is very cool.

And as usual, Tuesday means running. I did 10k today in 46:50, and I think it’s not too shabby. Not my best time, but feels good.

Last edited on Feb 12, 2019