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Favorite Products

While I keep using computers, this list will be under construction.

I love the “Look up…” feature in macOS when I right-click a word that I don’t know. I use it all the time when reading. This is a truly awesome use of computing. Imagine how long it would take me to look up a word in a paper dictionary. I use the same feature on Amazon’s Kindle all the time.

I love the feature of 1Password when it puts the 2 factor authentication code for 30 seconds to the clipboard. It is designed very well: solves a real pain, shaves unnecessary friction, restores the previous contents of the clipboard. Bravo!

In Fastmail, I really like the ability to set up email aliases for my domain, and then assign rules to it. For example, I have a family@example.com email alias that forwards all of the emails both to me and to my wife. I use this email every time I have to fill in some form that my wife might be interested in.

In iCloud, I like having a family calendar. It simplifies communication in the family. I want to figure out how to set up a family calendar with Fastmail.

One of the most used apps for me is something called Webapp Translate. It’s a plain wrapper around Google Translate that I invoke with a hotkey. I use it dozens of times everyday. Google Translate makes my expat life much easier.

I love git’s descriptive error when I accidentally make a typo and hit git add / instead of git add .. Adding my whole root to a repo would be catastrophic. Here it is:

$ g add /
fatal: /: '/' is outside repository

In Slack, there’s no feature as useful as hitting the three dots on a message and selecting “Remind me in 20 minutes”. When somebody asks you something, this is an excellent way to remind yourself of their request. Never leave the context!

I love that screenshots land by default in the ~/Desktop folder on macOS. A friend showed me once their Desktop folder, and it had all of the screenshots for the past several years. My friend hasn’t cleaned this folder for a while. What they ended up having is a sort of a timeline of their work and life events. There was a screenshot with an achievement, of a nice email from a special person, of some funny customer support email. I’ve borrowed this approach of not cleaning the Desktop folder and use it ever since. I also disabled showing the documents on the desktop.

In Scanbot, a smartphone app for scanning documents, when I want to carefully position the corner of the cropping rectangle, the app not only presents a loupe, but also the loupe goes out of the way as soon as I start moving the finger. Brilliant!

In Telegram on iOS, when you start typing in a message, but then realize that you want to have it displayed as a reply, don’t delete the text and simply hold the message which you’d like to reply to. Then tap the “Reply” popup. The message you were typing before would automatically convert to a reply.

In Notion, you can select some text and hit cmd+V to paste a link. The text will become a link. If the copy buffer contains text, then the selection will be overwritten. Brilliant.

On iOS, when you’re listening to a nice song and you’d like to send it to a friend, the preview of the song in iMessage will have the playing indicator.

Last edited on Oct 9, 2019