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Family, tradition and roots

I used to know a person. They had a big family: siblings, uncles and aunties, cousins, grandparents etc. The whole family would gather few times every year all together. It could be challenging at times. It wasn’t optional, and it was a big gathering.

Well-functioning societies empower people to be independent. They can earn their own living. Healthcare is there. Security is provided. People acquire knowledge, travel the world, obtain sophisticated habits and tastes. Children are seen as a burden, a limiting factor to personal development, as an unwise decision for climate and the planet. Ancestors don’t resonate with the ambition of being an ever-developing cosmopolite.

I watched several stories about Khabib Nurmagomedov, one of the best MMA fighters of today, and man I’m jealous. People from his town live a simple life, but the amount of trust, love and clinging together they show to each other is something to be jealous of.

I think love and humility is more important than knowing the world. In a heartbeat, I would choose an evening with a close friend and a cup of cheap tea over a dinner party with international cuisine, good wine, a dessert espresso, full of sophisticated conversations with people I barely care about.

I wonder why modern western culture and fashion neglects national heritage, the wonders of a family, tradition and roots.

Call your parents.

Last edited on Sep 8, 2019