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Expect the worst

I really enjoyed listening to this interview with Derek Sivers. Derek is very inspiring on many levels: in his personal story, in following his interests, the way he runs his website, former businesses and many other things. Also a great story teller — it was a pleasure listening to him.

What I’m thinking about recently is the approach on how to think about future. Tim and Derek discussed a rule that can be succinctly described as “hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.”

From a very young age I’ve noticed that if I expect something bad, it won’t happen, but if I’m positive about an outcome then I’ll be disappointed. So I’ve decided to start expecting everything to go south by default.

I think this is an attitude which leads to negativity by default. The reason that my expectations were opposite of the outcomes is that most likely I’ve prepared well for the bad outcomes and was too much in ease for the other ones. It wasn’t this magical (or even worse — supersticious, blaaargh) expectation by itself which lead to the outcome. I like simplifying the world so it can fit into my head.

What I also love is that the notion of “this pleasant thing will go away at some point”, be it young age, spotless health, great weather, relationships etc., agressively pushes me towards being in the moment and enjoying it to its fullest. Makes me very greatful.

Great run today too.

Last edited on May 14, 2019