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Empathy comes from relationships

So you’ve might have heard people talking about diversity on your social media feed. So did I. It all appears to be a very important issue. However, when you talk about facts and numbers, my brain gets it, but my emotional substance, aka heart, doesn’t get it. As feelings is a huge player in our decision-making game, I think it’s important to make sure we feel the importance too.

I never understood what’s so difficult in being a woman in the tech industry, until my wife entered the profession. Just by observing her work and learn, and talking about different things that happen at her office, I totally started to understand how weird we often might behave.

I never understood what’s so difficult in being an asian or african woman in the tech industry, until talking to my asian and african female friends. Only after that, making sure I listened carefully, I finally understood how and why I can and need to improve my behavior.

As usual, I don’t think putting a label on a person helps. What helps is befriending such people and making all of the labels materialize in your life as faces of your friends. And how and why can you get such friends? Well, I do have an answer for you, but you won’t like it.

Last edited on Mar 30, 2019