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Do we need hyperlinks these days?

I was reading DHH’s reading list yesterday. I’ll definitely read some of the titles from the list perhaps even this year. What caught my attention is that there were no links to the books — it was just a plain text list. I think he has done it purposefully. Where should these links point to? Amazon, Goodreads? It could be perceived either as a promotion or affiliation.

Not having a link is not a problem at all — just use search! But then we give away the beauty of the internet — it’s i-do-whatever-i-wantedness and decentralization.

I’d probably still leave the links out of the reading list though.

In other news, things on the fitness front are going very well. I also added a list of my favorite products and my wishlist. My corner of the internet becomes very cozy.

Last edited on Jan 24, 2019