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Convervative to yourself

It’s a bit of a piggieback thought from this one.

When you have a preference, what do you do when someone else violates it? Imagine you’re a vegan that’ll be hosting a dinner party tonight, and a friend brings another friend that you meet for the first time, and they brought a normal cheesecake. It’s beautiful, most of your friends wouldn’t mind having a piece, but your mind is shocked of having something that contains milk in it for the first time in years. Do you then take a stand for animal rights and latest pro-veganism scientific research and not let it go on the table? Or you swallow the tide of arguments rising in your mind and say a forced “that’s so kind of you”? When and how do you make sure that this friend of a friend knows foods like this are not welcomed here? How do you make sure this won’t happen again?

Yes, I’ve been in this situation on the both sides more than once. And again, having a preference might result in a weakness (of having less social acceptance) if not handled correctly.

My goto strategy is the “be conservative to yourself and loyal to others rule.” Works 142% of the time.

Last edited on Apr 3, 2019