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Confused about diets

I’ve been consuming lots of information regarding diets in the last few years. I’ve tried high-fat-low-carb, paleo, and during the last year mostly whole food plant based diet with having meat once every one or two months. Doesn’t matter which diet, the wierdest thing is that I don’t feel any significant difference. Mood, focus, cravings, muscle pain, headache, skin, sleep — all is kind of the same. I know one thing that definitely makes me feel worse — sweets. Maybe if I have too much fruit in the morning, I feel not very well in the afternoon. Diet-related information is so polarizing, with contradictory statements between the camps, with “alternative” scientific facts, and thus very confusing. It seems like most of the camps agree that eating too much and too often is detrimental; dark leafy greens are good; sugar and processed foods are bad; diary is bad; mixing fats and carbs is not very good. That’s about it. On top of all of this uncertainty there’s a whole social aspect of the diet, when one has to explain their preferences and dietary beliefs at every social occasion. Honestly, I don’t know what to do.

In other news, the fitness diary is up to date.

Last edited on Feb 27, 2019