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Complains and solutions

I think there’s a room for both people coming with complains and no ideas how to solve the problem, and for people who come with a solution.

I grew up in an environment where one was heavily discouraged to speak up about a problem unless they have a solution. This leads to very little complains, and people in general think more positively. On the other hand, bringing a solution without having the whole picture in mind is almost always going to be inappropriate, thus discouraging to the person who brought it. Problems are often left silently unaddressed because people feel there’s no room for “poor it all out” situation.

Coming with just the complains and without a solution is a magnet for negativity. People keep stating the same problems, time after time, and the more I’m in it the sadder I become. But it makes sense to raise concerns to some degree. It’s feedback, and all feedback is feedback. A good reminder to never discard any feedback. Collect it, treat it as data, ask for it and change action. Urgent issues should be addressed urgently.

Last edited on Sep 24, 2019