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Clojure Berlin is awesome

Clojure Berlin is one the best groups of people to hang out with. Everyone there is smart, talks about interesting topics and what’s very cool is that the whole event appears to be a big group of friends.

I had some weird ideas regarding how to build software, and I’ve met somebody tonight during the meetup that not only appreciated the idea but also complimented it with their experience. It felt very unusual that somebody would resonate with my weird idea.

When I visit social events like other meetup, concerts, shows, conferences, usually it feels strange. I know that most of the people at these events share at least one interest between me and them — that’s why they’ve made an effort to come to the event! Yet I usually end up talking to no one.

This meetup is not like this, at least for me. Come next time if you happen to be in Berlin.

Last edited on Jan 10, 2019