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Clojure Berlin Feb 2019

Today is the second Wednesday of the month, and it means we had the one and only Clojure Berlin. Best place to spend a programmer’s evening, I tell you. We had an amazing round of lightning talks, and it went very well. George has presented his work on Ghostwheel and it got me even more excited about the idea of speccing out functions and generative testing. Matt has showed his library that brings JavaScript interoperability closer to CLojure’s standard library functions, and it also looks awesome.

I felt like all of the topics tonight were relevant to me. Perhaps they were basic enough for me to understand. Usually I don’t get much from the talks about machine learning, type systems, language design and other complex things.

What I don’t like about myself is that it’s almost one and a half years of working with ClojureScript for me, and still I call myself a complete newbie. It’s a nice way to set the expectations of my peers to a low level so that they don’t judge me at a high standard. But that’s embarrassing. I would like to get to an advanced level. Let me me remind myself that like anything in life, people don’t stumble into advanced things. It takes deliberate practice.

Last edited on Feb 14, 2019