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Changing disc brake pads

Today I worked on my bicycle a bit. Thorougly cleaned the drivechain. Fixed the mistake of attaching the crank chain ring in a wrong way. Changed the gear shifting cable. Changed disc brake pads for the front wheel.

The last task became a nasty trip into a rabbithole. To begin with, I’m a complete amateur when it comes to bicycle maintenance. I could adjust my disc brakes (TRP Spyre) with the old, a bit worn out, pads without any issues. However the new pads have a bit thicker layer of the breaking material, and no matter what I did the pad would rub the disc. I spent in total around two hours trying to find a solution, and gave up. I hope that the pads will break in and wear out a little, and then the rubbing will stop.

Taking yesterday’s post into consideration, I should have taken my bicycle into a shop and let a professional do the job, while I should have been working on my programming skills. I feel like I’ve failed on many levels. But I’m not too rational, so I’ll let myself build the desired skill, which I’m not specialized in, through the most effective (for me) way — trial and error.

Today’s resolution is the following: don’t try to do more than one bicycle maintenance task in one day. I think mistakes come when I become tired.

Last edited on Mar 3, 2019