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Blaming previous generations

I don’t understand why some people of my age blame previous generations for bad economical, political or environmental consequences we’re inheriting today. I do understand that these consequences are bad. What I don’t get is why people of my age think that previous generations had a clue.

Most of the things we’re concerned today are because we have access to this information, and even more importantly the abundance of it. My Twitter feed is full of information about climate change, for example. Surely I’m aware about it and thus worried.

I’ve met with some of my friends from Ukraine. They read totally different news, and their minds are occupied by totally different problems. When I mentioned climate change, they were almost surprised and couldn’t relate to it. Can I blame them for contributing to the problem without them being aware of it? Surely they have no bad intentions.

I think same applies to blaming the previous generations. Saying that it’s their fault is like having a hindsight bias but on the scale of the society.

Last edited on Aug 10, 2019