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Bicycle tires update

I was thinking about getting Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires since the last summer. The promise of never (well, almost) getting a flat again sounded great. I couldn’t justify the purchase because my Schwalbe Spicers worked just as fine. I was riding with a fairly big ~4cm cut in the front tire that I inherited from the previous owner, and even that wasn’t a problem — I didn’t get a single flat tire or a blown up tube. But this week it snowed, and I surrendered to the temptation to get the Marathons because I could now justify the purchase by the need of a thicker profile. I didn’t get the proper winter version with spikes though.

Man these new tires are sweet. I’ve pumped in a good 4.2 bar (~60 psi) for both tires, and they roll so smooth. The generous amount of profile plus the puncture protection layer make it feel like I’m constantly riding on a very soft sturdy surface. Cobblestones are much less of a problem now. Marathon Plus Tour is much softer compared to my old Spicers, even considering the fact I used to put less pressure into my old tires.

I’m looking forward to my next ride tomorrow morning.

Last edited on Jan 28, 2019