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Misha's list of best bicycles

Here are the criteria for this list:

If you have a suggestion for this list — please send it to me!

Disclaimer: all of the links are not affiliated. I don’t get anything if you end up purchasing one of these bicycles.

Santucci Cycles

Santucci Cycles is run by an incredible mechanic from Berlin who has an excellent taste to bicycle looks. Frames are made in Germany, perfectly balanced between non-dorky looks and having good amount of eyelets. Components are all high-quality. You can look no further.

Pelago Hanko Commuter

Pelago manufactures beautiful looking steel frames with a ton of eyelets to fit every imaginable accessory. Hanko has a fork with a classic look and yet it can accomodate a dynamo-hub and a disc brake caliper. A perfect commuter and a great companion on a trip. Robust, practical, beautiful.

The only thing I’d change is to install drop bars for better looks. Pelago Stavanger would be a great choice, but I don’t like dealing with front derailers.

Pelago Airisto Commuter

Hanko’s brother for those people who prefer lower frames.

Contoura Salerno

Contoura makes great looking frames, and one can choose pretty good components when using their configurator. I wish they would offer brushed metal options for the handlebar, stem, seatpost and fenders.

Rakete Randonneur

Rakete manufactures probably the most beautiful yet practical bicycles out there. I really have nothing to say here. Classic steel frame and fork, the eyelets, Shimano 105, front hub dynamo. Their other bicycles are great too.

VSF Randonneur Lite

Every bicycle from VSF looks sort of the same (reminds me of why Germans don’t like to have model specifications on the back of their cars). They use steel frame and forks and for a bit of a higher budget (I’d say around 1000€) one can get a set of great components.

Last edited on Sep 8, 2019