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Just a friendly reminder to use open formats instead of proprietary ones when possible. Both as an engineer and a user. Plain text survives many generations of apps and services. Notes are extension of your memory — try not loose them.

I’m in my note taking phase again. There are periods in my life when I take notes about everything: meetings, learning, thoughts, ideas etc. Same with bullet journaling — I use it when I’m either overwhelmed or just trying to get my you-know-what together. Same with todo lists — I find that I use them only when there are too many things to take care of, like when moving apartments.

For this note taking period I’d like to try Notational Velocity. The only reason for that is because a few people that I follow on the internet recommended using it. I’ll be using a fork of the original app called nvALT.

With nvALT, there’s an option for the app to use plain text format. The files are stored in a Dropbox folder. I’m using 1Writer on iOS. My main requirement for a note taking app on iOS is that it should not prompt me to enter a title for the note after I hit “New Note” — either it should figure out the title based on the current time and date, or based on the first line of the note. 1Writer does exactly that. Additionally it syncs with Dropbox like a charm. And it has a customizable keyboard panel where I put all of the important Markdown symbols like #, *, _, [] and (). I think it’s a great setup.

Last edited on May 4, 2019