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Argument train

To deliver an idea, one has to find a seemingly related idea that is ingrained in their audience’s brain. “You reap what you’ve sown” is exactly that: a call to a desired behavior is connected to a farming action through a proverb. When this bridge has been built, one can put anything they want on the train of thought and it is perceived as proper reasoning and truth. There’s probably a term for it, which I don’t know because this note is nothing more than my observation.

“You’ll reap what you sow. Respect your parents.”

“You’ll reap what you sow. Don’t spit chewing gum on the pavement.”

These statements are right and probably good.

A great parenting trick: for a toddler to agree with you, you have to make them say “yes” three times.

— But daaaaaad, I don’t want to eat this broccoli stew! It stinks! — I know, I know. Listen, do you know I love you? — Yes. — Do you know I want the best for you? — Yes. — And of course, you know that I prepare only the best meals that are good for you, right? — Ugh, yes dad. — Now, finish the stew. We’ll go for pizza next week. — M’kay.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated. Remember there’s math (absolute truth). Note to self.

Last edited on Jul 27, 2019