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Always get luxury items

I’m sick and tired of using low quality tools and everyday items. I want a set of proper high-quality wrenches so that I won’t strip paint from my bicycle anymore. I want high-quality vice so that I don’t have to fiddle with keeping that metal pipe in place while sawing it. I want some more stuff, but I won’t keep listing it here, though I have a habit of giving three examples. Three is a cool magic number. So is my habit to mention what I won’t be doing.

I’ve been there multiple times. I wanted to optimize a process. So I bought a cheap crappy thing to do it. It worked but the result was meh. So I would buy a high-quality replacement and would throw away the cheap one. And then the result started to come out awesome.

My secret of getting things of the highest quality without becoming poor consists of two principles: waiting and buying second hand. Waiting is good no matter where you buy. It allows the honeymoon period of the desire to fade away. In general it’s good not to buy something you want for at least two months. And then second hand. I had so many good deals already that it’s impossible to go back. I had a few bad ones. People in Germany buy tons of great stuff and often never use it. Thank you, western society!

In my teenage years cool kids from my peer group wore certain brands. But no one hand any money, so we shopped at a second hand. It was always an awesome way to spend a day: you go with your friends through the piles of crappy clothing, dig through them, find something very stupid or funny, laugh at it; and then eventually you dig out a treasure — a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly, is in a great shape etc. Success always felt like winning a lottery, while the process reminded me of fishing. And after the hunt we always went for food.

Once I found a pair of 501s in one of these piles. I never wore Levis before, but those pants costed only two bucks, so why not giving a try. These jeans became a lifetime memory for me. I never, before or after, wore a pair of pants more comfortable than those ones. Probably the first and the last pair that I could wear without a belt. They were just perfect in their size, material, fit and looks. Even though they were used, I wore them for two years straight, and had to eventually retire them because the material thinned too much in the inseam. Because I loved these jeans so much, I went to the official Levis store and bought a new pair of 501s of the exact same size. I paid, no kidding, 50x more. And you know what — worst pair of jeans ever! Poor fit, weird material, and I torn a huge hole in them by tripping over the stairs.

Ready for one more story? Here we go. Last week we had friends over for dinner. It was awesome to eat together; fresh air full of blossom smell filled the room through an open window; and finally we could enjoy some evening sun since a few dark winter months. When it was time for the dessert, I took out my beloved semi-professional blender, threw in some frozen bananas, strawberries, coconut milk, a pinch of vanilla and cardamom, and with a push of one button in a few minutes I was able to serve almost two liters of a freshly-made, no-added-sugar, vegan, glorious icecream. Deep inside my heart I thanked that young lady that handed me this awesome almost new blender for a tenth of its market price. I had a simpler blender before, but it could barely crush one banana. Everyone liked the dessert very much. Every dinner party is better if there’s icecream around.

Last edited on Apr 27, 2019