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I’ve been reading today a guide how to do successful one-on-one meetings with team members. The main purposes are: to build a relationship, to align with the team’s values and to offer support. I think this makes sense, and I appreciate that somebody gave it a structure.

The point which I feel is missing in lots of the leadership mumbo-jumbo (I like to call it this way because we take it too serious) is that a person should simply care about another person. You can internalize every book and tweet from John Maxwell (which is good, don’t read what I’m not saying), but if you don’t care about a person — it all can burn in a glorious blue fire of the infinite Russian gas, because none of it matters.

So how do you start caring about a person? I don’t know. Think of it, and perhaps try being a nice human first. Try thinking about the person not as an IC or FTE, but as a friendly soul captured inside another collection of flesh and bones. Keep it down to earth, simple, relatable, and people will open up.

Definitely get rid of your hidden agenda. And if do need to keep it, ask yourself why I have something to hide.

In other news, my fitness game goes strong since last week.

Last edited on Mar 21, 2019